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New or Used Boat

New or Used Boat

Want to buy a boat? Should you buy NEW or USED???

There’s no right or wrong answer. It all depends on your tastes, your budget and your mechanical aptitude. A brand new off the dealership floor mint condition prize or a pre-owned bargain smartly bought? Similar to cars, there are a few pros and cons to new and used boats. Some say the best route is brand new, yet others say a pre-owned boat, that’s a couple of years old is the better option, potentially saving you hundreds if not thousands off the price of a new boat. Regardless of which route you choose; you can find both at 🔵⚓Blue Dot Marine in New Orleans!

Here are some factors to consider……


With new boats, you’ll know each and every piece of history with the boat and the motor. You’ll make your own history with your new prize! If something happens to go wrong, you’ll have a warranty to fall back on, so you don’t have to focus on pesky repairs or that annoying middle of the night thought, “Is there something wrong with my boat that’s going to cost me an arm and a leg?” This way, you can get out on the water immediately and start making memories with your family and friends!


When you finance a new boat, you can usually get a much better interest rate. By shopping new you’ll also get a better idea as to which type of boat is best for you and your family. There are approximately 30 different types of recreational powerboats on the market divided among three general usages: cruising, fishing or water sports. Decide which use or uses you want in the boat and shop accordingly. Just like a car, the depreciation value is the highest in the first season of use.


Used boats can be a great option, especially for first time boaters to see if owning a boat is something you really want to do, or those with a smaller budget. Also, buying used gets you more boat for less money, less cost per year of ownership, and less on the line if you decide a different style or size of boat would suit you better. It’s very important to plan up front to hire a certified boat inspector to perform a boat inspection. Used boats can have hidden problems that make owing a boat a giant nightmare rather than a dream. You’ll be thankful to know about potential problems in advance and whether to buy or not to buy. If you do decide to buy, you can negotiate for a better price if you know about repairs that need to be done.


Attending boat shows are a great way to see the boats that are out there from several different brands, makes and models. This way you can get an idea of what you want, compare prices and get an up close and personal view of the many different styles on the market.


🔵🚤⚓Blue Dot Marine in New Orleans has everything you need to choose the right boat. We offer a full showroom of new boats and motors for you to look at as well as pre-owned boats, a complete service department, and a full line of parts and accessories. We offer test drives on the premises once you’ve selected a boat you like as well as financing. We’ll help you choose the perfect boat and get you out on the water in no time!



Whether you plan to shop for your boat online or by visiting your trusted local boat dealership, 🔵Blue Dot Marine, make sure you do your homework before buying, you’ll be glad you did! :

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